What is the Ideal Temperature to Sleep?

Ever wonder what is the ideal temperature to sleep? Often people are having trouble to fall asleep because it was too hot or too cold. Your room temperature can me a huge difference on whether if you would have a good night sleep or keep waking up during the night. For many people, the temperature has to be at the perfect temperature for an ideal night’s sleep.

It is recommended to keep your room temperature at the 60’s when going to bed. Many didn’t know that your body temperature decreases in order to initiate sleep mode. If your room temperature is far lower or higher than what is recommended, your body might not be comfortable enough to enter the Rapid Eye Movement Sleep. A person usually dreams during this stage and it is the most difficult to wake a person up during this stage.

You can also picture your bedroom as a cave, with the best protection, quiet, cool, and dark for the highest chance to fall asleep. If you are not comfortable fallen asleep in a cooler room, in the beginning, try wearing socks that will keep your feet warm and thus dilate your blood vessels faster.

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