Is your snoring problem bothering you or your partner? Do you often get teased from loud honking while you sleep? In fact, people who snore who often be wake up more tired because the loud noise will affect yourself and your partner, reducing the quality of your sleep. Nearly 25 percent of couples in the U.S. are sleeping in separate bedrooms, according to research—and a snoring bed partner is a common reason why.

It also many health risks related to snoring such as heart disease, stroke, diminished sexual satisfaction, depression, and anxiety.

Fortunately, snoring is not a permanent fixture, it can be significant reduced and treated.

So here are some ways to stop snoring:


  • Quit smoking
  • Do not drink alcohol close to bedtime
  • Avoid any electronic gadgets close to bedtime
  • Change sleeping positions
  • Consult a doctor

Congestion and irritation in the nose and throat can also be a major cause of snoring. A clear nose and throat will help you breathe better and minimize snoring. So here are 4 different remedies that you can try to see which one works best for you.

  1. Try a decongestant spray
  2. Use a saline spray or nasal wash
  3. Dilate the nasal passages externally
  4. Use a mouth guard

Before using a mouth guard, consult a dentist.

If you want to deeply improve your sleeping habit and avoid snoring, finding a perfect mattress is very important too. You will sleep better at night and wake up better during the day. If you a resident of Greater Revere, visit our Revere showroom to see a large collection of mattresses, beddings, foundations, and more. We are proud to serve Revere, Boston, Chelsea, Everett, and more.



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