Went into this store with my mother to buy a mattress set for our guestroom and was pleased. The sales person was very nice and very knowledgable on the types of beds that we were looking for. If youre looking for a great deal and a comfortable mattress come here!

Robert L.  11/17/2016


We walked into the store one day and talked to an associate who ultimately delivered the mattress we bought. If you havent bought a bed before, its pretty awkward to walk into a store and try all the beds but the person we talked to listened to us and recommended what he could within our price point.

We came in a second time and met another associate, Little Bill, a week later. We came right into the store and knew exactly what we wanted since our last visit. Bill was very knowledgable about the products, described how they were built and how they could or could not benefit us without the fancy displays or the pressure of the other stores. We picked out a slim box spring, who knew there were different sizes of box spring? and they also delivered within a few days, even in a snow storm. We even had them take our old mattress.

Overall, the prices and the services offered are extremely good. Theyre intelligent and very honest people who care about their sales. They delivered in one of Boston’s largest snowstorms and are competitively priced. We’ve had this mattress for one month and its been amazing.

Chantha S. 3/1/2015


I bought a mattress with them on April, 2014. Over the year the mattress sagged, I called the store and ask if they could take this back. They got the OK from the manufacturer to return this mattress. I was able to upgrade to a tempurpedic one. I was so happy that they were able to do that for me. Thank you!

Ms M. 5/13/2015


Good quality products and a very friendly and knowledgeable staff. After debating on which bed frame that I wanted with the sales person Erick, who couldn’t have been nicer or more accommodating, he helped me secure it onto the car so I could take it home that day. Assembling wasn’t anything overtly complex and I am very satisfied with both the look and structure of the bed itself. Being a big man myself I dont want to worry about things falling under me x) Will definitely be recommending them to friends.

Mj R. 4/13/2015


Went in to buy my first mattress by myself for my first apartment. I was a little concerned about the price, it being such a big purchase. I was greeted pretty quickly. It was a surprisingly big store, with a bunch of mattresses on the walls. The salesman led me to a few different beds, asking a lot of questions about what I was looking for. I kept on going back and forth, and he was very patient. I ended up picking a pillow-top, and it was such a great deal! I can’t wait to have it delivered next week! I would definitely recommend this place.

Viviane N. 5/31/2012

Very helpful and knowledgable staff. There was no pressure and the environment is very laid-back 😉 There is a wide variety with a large range of prices. I tried a lot of mattresses and at one point I forgot which ones I liked. Luckily, Bill remembered which ones I tried and what I said I liked about them.

I ended up getting a queen size mattress with split box springs for over $1000. It was one of the nicest mattresses in the store with pocketed coils and a gel pillow top to stay cool in the summer. I’ve had it for about 1 month and couldn’t be happier. It also comes with a 10-year warranty.

Bill was able to fit everything in the bed of my truck and tied it down for me. The location is also super convenient being right off route 1. I will definitely be heading back next time I need a mattress.

Casey C.  10/19/2014


Getting a good mattress is really important.  We spend a lot of time sleeping on it and I can tell you a good mattress makes your body feel so much more refreshed in the morning.  I found a mattress, 5 star Harbor Creek Collection. I had slept on my brother’s several times and wanted one just like it. I couldn’t find one anywhere near where I lived in North Carolina. Finally I found Mattress Superstore.  I called and they agreed to ship the mattress I wanted.  They had never done a shipment this far but agreed to do it.  There was a snafu in the shipment, but I gave them a call and they made right with the purchase and threw in a couple of pillows.  For the quality of mattress I got I think they were very reasonably priced.  I would use this company again.  For those who live in Massachusetts I would definitely make a trip to this store for your sleep aid needs.  And if you are looking for a great mattress the Harbor Collection is fantastic and I am sure Mattress Superstore will hook you up.

Sun L. 5/24/2014


I purchased a mattress and boxspring and I  love my purchase  Father and son own the business. Very nice people. Went in on a Sat afternoon and had it the day. They even took my old set.  I would recommend this place.  Oh ya I love my new mattress. It is perfect.

Cherly M. 1/32/2012


I, like the other guy who wrote a review, had tried Sleepy’s ( $30 to pick it up at the store) and Mattress Giant (skeevy, the guy practically chased me out hollering that I need to “get more educated and come back”). The only education I got there was that a young lady should not wear a halter dress and go mattress shopping alone. Lesson learned.
My boyfriend and I went to Mattress Super Store a few weeks later. I had driven by and noticed that it was actually full of mattresses, as opposed to all the fancy useless display items in Sleepy’s.
We went in early on a Tuesday afternoon, so you would think they would haunt us trying to make a sale, but they were totally cool. Justin is my mattress guy. He gave us space to try out a few things on our own, but was near by to answer all our questions. We opted for delivery for only $10 more than Sleepy’s charges to pick it up yourself. They took the old mattress for no extra charge.
Justin told us they were a family run business, so shopping there is good for the community, not just your wallet. Highly recommended!

Daisy S. 8/26/2011


Buying a new mattress, I learned, is only slightly more pleasant than walking on broken glass while carrying a sweaty sumo wrestler on your shoulders.

I finally caved in, and decided that it was time to let Mr Sumo mount me (so to speak…), and get a new bed.

I went to:  Mattress Discounters (slimy!), Bernie & Phyl’s (rude!), Jordan’s (nice, but way overpriced), then I remembered seeing Mattress Super Store being built a little while back.  Couldn’t hurt, I figured…

I walked in and the place isn’t that big, but mattresses cover 90% of the floor.  You literally have to walk sideways, but they’ve got every kind of bed you want.

Even better – their prices beat everyplace else I went.

Even better than that – they’re not sleazy salesmen.

Even better-er than that – the delivery guys weren’t sleazy either.

My bedroom is on the 3rd floor of a house.  Getting a queen size box spring and mattress up there is not fun.  They did it, they were cool about it, and totally professional.

If you need to buy a bed.  Go here!  Don’t bother with anyone else!  Seriously.  They’re that good.

Scott F. 6/14/2008




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