Did you know teenagers need more sleep than you think? As adults, we all have experienced the stage of being teenagers. However, there are more responsibilities for teenagers now with school, home, and potentially part-time work. This has also resulted in less sleep for teens.

Hectic routines plus inexperience on time-management has deprived sleep time from teens around the world. According to research, only 15% of teens get enough sleep. There are many problems teens may have without getting enough sleep such as poor judgment and decision making, lower grades, and more frequent absence.

There are some benefits with teens getting a good night of sleep:

  • Teens get better grades
  • Car accidents among teen drivers dropped
  • Teens are easier to connect with their friends and families

Here are some ways to help your teen get more sleep:

  • Encourage teens to sleep over late-night studying
  • Make driving well rested
  • Make room tech free
  • Purchase a mattress that is right for your teen.

As parents, you can also purchase a mattress that is right for your teen. A mattress that is uncomfortable will lead to teen getting insomnia at night and thus affecting their daily performance in school or work.

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