Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Wondering what to get your loved ones for the upcoming holidays? Mattress Superstore provides many different mattresses and other accessories at low cost prices compared to most retailers around the Boston area. We don’t just sell Mattresses, we sell bedroom sets, sheets, bunk-beds, bedding, pillows & other furniture! Take a look at our holiday gift guide to give your loved ones something they’ll be able to enjoy for years to come!

Shredded Double Latex Pillow – The Shredded Double Latex Pillow provides optimal comfort for a perfect night’s sleep. Combining the resilient responsiveness of latex with the moldability of a traditional pillow, the Shredded Latex pillow is stuffed by cutting natural latex into small pieces for a consistent filling that does not shift or clump. So you can ensure that this pillow will be a gift that keeps on giving.
Down Alternative Comforter – With all the comfort of a down feather comforter and without the allergens, our Down Alternative Comforters allow you to wrap yourself up in a cloudlike comfort. This blanket can be machine washed and dried to help you avoid unnecessary trips to the dry cleaners.
Everything But the Bed Combo© – The Everything But The Bed Combo is exactly what it sounds like, this awesome combo package features the following: Microfiber Sheet Set, Gelled Microfiber Pillows, & an Alternative Down Comforter. This bed set will deliver the most optimal comfort while you’re sleeping. The best thing about this bed combo is that it’s hypo-allergenic so you get all of the comfort of the products that cause allergens but without the allergies! Come on down to our Revere mattress store to buy one today!
Antique Walnut Maple Crib – Know someone expecting? What a better gift than an Antique Walnut Maple Crib which can be purchased at our Revere Mattress Store! This crib also converts into a toddler day bed. So your loved one can get the most use out of this Walnut Maple Crib.
Bas DuraBlend Midnight Living Room Sofa & Love Seat Set- This exquisite sofa & Love Seat is a must this holiday season. This set is not only comfortable but extremely durable, so it’s built to last and also to retain comfort. It’s so durable that the American Home Furnishing Alliance has pre-approved it’s durability and wearability.
A New Mattress – Our Revere Mattress Store has many mattresses to pick from based on what kind of comfort you are seeking, from firm to extreme plush our Revere Mattress Store has every kind of mattress you can imagine to ensure a perfect night’s sleep and also ensure a perfect gift!

Whether you’re shopping for a loved one this holiday season, a good friend or need a little something for yourself, our Revere Mattress Store is the one stop shop for everyone on your buying list this holiday season. If you’re still looking for something to buy this holiday season stop into our store and let one of our friendly professionals help you out!

Different Types Of Pillows & How They Can Help You

Buying a new mattress can be tiring – with us it doesn’t have to be! We provide all of the essentials needed for a good night’s sleep as well as pillows, bedding, and bedroom furniture. Did you know that different types of pillows can help you get a better night’s sleep based on your body’s needs? Below is a list of Different Types Of Pillows that we offer and the benefits of them all!

Gel Pillows – If you’re a person with sensitive skin or a person that finds themselves over-heating at night then a gel pillow could be the right pillow for you. Gel pillows control body temperature and are very good for those with sensitive skin. Gel pillows can also reduce pain and pressure points. Though they can be a little bit more expensive they sure are worth it!
Memory Dough® – Memory Dough® pillows are fantastic for a multitude of reasons, Memory Dough® shapes to your body and molds to you for optimal comfort. The shredded memory foam offers a breathable, comfortable, and customizable night’s sleep to make sure your neck and head are supported and cradled while keeping you cool and comfortable.
Latex Pillows – Latex pillows offer the responsiveness of latex with the moldability of a traditional pillow. The Latex Pillow is a great way for you to rest your head comfortably at night while getting the correct neck support that you need. It responds to all sleeping positions and goes right back to the way it came from when you decide to switch your sleeping position!
Super Plush body Pillows – For those who like to hug something when they sleep at night as well as feel like they’re sleeping on a cloud. The Super Plush Body Pillows offer superior comfort and breathability. This pillow helps enhance your comfort to give you the quality sleep that you deserve.
Orthopedic Convolution™The Orthopedic Convolution™ is a pillow fit for a king, it was created for the use of multiple sleeping positions so no matter if you are a belly sleeper, a back sleeper, a side sleeper or all three, this pillow will adjust to your body’s needs. A 300 thread count cover encases the pillow for superior softness and allows your neck and head to truly relax.
Nano-Bead Pillows – The versatility of the Nano-Bead Pillow is never-ending. The Nano-Bead Pillow is filled with motion isolating and air cushioning Microbeads – also known as the NanoBead™. The filling of the pillow stretches and morphs using multiple different forms of fibers, such as rayon, bamboo velour, and spandex to curate to your specific needs.
Contour Memory Dough®The Contoured Memory Dough Pillow follows your body shape and molds to you for a perfect night’s rest. The contoured design of this pillow allows your spine to be straight to relieve back and neck pain. The dough is more supportive than memory foam and relieves pain from pressure points allowing you a secure and effortless sleep.

If you need some new pillows head down to our Mattress Superstore and let us help!