Have you ever jumped into your bed, just to find the middle of your mattress sink in and not because there is anything wrong with the mattress but because your bed frame has become damaged and now it is time to replace it? Do not let this happen to you. Identify the signs of a weak bed frame so you can replace it before it breaks.

Signs It’s Time for a Replacement

If you’ve ever had a really old bed frame you can already recognize some of the very definitive signals of a problem with your bed frame. For example, having bowed slats. Ever notice the wooden slats that stay above the bed frame where your mattress sits on, those are your slats. Depending on the manufacturer of the bed frame, these slats are sometimes made of a material that is not durable enough to withstand very heavy impact.  In this case, the slats can break or bend making an indent in your bed.

Splits on Your Bed Frame ?

Be wary of any splits where your bed frame and headboard connect, this can cause your bed to collapse.  A caution you definitely want to watch out for, as you can injure yourself and whoever sleeps with you. However, there are steps you can take to ensure this does not happen for instance restoring the oils in the woods which can help it last longer. Alternatively, you will want to replace your bed frame to ensure safety, but restoring the oils in the wood will help it from not breaking down at least until you buy another one.

Does Your Bed Make Squeak Noises?

Take an opportunity to listen to the way your bed sounds when you sit or lay on it. Does your bedframe make any screeching and groan sounds? This is the most obvious of the signs that you will need to replace your bedframe and that it has exhausted its use. The reason why is because the joints on the bed frame become loose over time making a replacement a sure thing.


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