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How to Pick the Perfect Mattress

Did you know choosing the perfect mattress is the secret to a great sleep? Sleep accounts for 1/3 of our time in daily life and it requires the right equipment to deliver the best results. Of course, you can choose to sleep on a bad mattress but the comfortability of that would be very low.

When choosing a mattress, two main factors are comfort and support. Comfort is a feeling that every individual experience differently. Some people like their bed firmer and some will like their bed softer. Support is a surface that pushes on the body, which allows the spine to relax. You would like a mattress that supports your body without your hips sinking and allows your muscles to relax.

Before you go into a mattress store, it is also important to understand the four main types of mattresses to choose from:

  • Spring – Many of us should be familiar with spring mattresses as they use innerspring coils to provide support. It allows easy movement during sleep.
  • Memory foam – It molds your body’s shape during sleep and creates more heat than a spring mattress
  • Air – It can be adjusted to customize support and comfort
  • Water – It has the ability to control temperature and requires maintenance.

Other factors that are important are sizes, customer reviews, and your budget.

When you finally step into a mattress store, it is important to remember to test out mattresses when you are tired, dress in comfortable clothing like you would be going to bed, and bring your partner (if you have one).

If you own an old mattress, it is also a good idea to consider replacing one if you have used for 7-8 years. Our body changes over time and if you experience pain and stiffness regularly, it is highly recommended to get a new mattress.

A great mattress is literally the foundation on which great sleep is built. With some up-front effort and a willingness to invest, you can help ensure many restful nights.

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Teens Need More Sleep Than You Think

Did you know teenagers need more sleep than you think? As adults, we all have experienced the stage of being teenagers. However, there are more responsibilities for teenagers now with school, home, and potentially part-time work. This has also resulted in less sleep for teens.

Hectic routines plus inexperience on time-management has deprived sleep time from teens around the world. According to research, only 15% of teens get enough sleep. There are many problems teens may have without getting enough sleep such as poor judgment and decision making, lower grades, and more frequent absence.

There are some benefits with teens getting a good night of sleep:

  • Teens get better grades
  • Car accidents among teen drivers dropped
  • Teens are easier to connect with their friends and families

Here are some ways to help your teen get more sleep:

  • Encourage teens to sleep over late-night studying
  • Make driving well rested
  • Make room tech free
  • Purchase a mattress that is right for your teen.

As parents, you can also purchase a mattress that is right for your teen. A mattress that is uncomfortable will lead to teen getting insomnia at night and thus affecting their daily performance in school or work.

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What is the Ideal Temperature to Sleep?

What is the Ideal Temperature to Sleep?

Ever wonder what is the ideal temperature to sleep? Often people are having trouble to fall asleep because it was too hot or too cold. Your room temperature can me a huge difference on whether if you would have a good night sleep or keep waking up during the night. For many people, the temperature has to be at the perfect temperature for an ideal night’s sleep.

It is recommended to keep your room temperature at the 60’s when going to bed. Many didn’t know that your body temperature decreases in order to initiate sleep mode. If your room temperature is far lower or higher than what is recommended, your body might not be comfortable enough to enter the Rapid Eye Movement Sleep. A person usually dreams during this stage and it is the most difficult to wake a person up during this stage.

You can also picture your bedroom as a cave, with the best protection, quiet, cool, and dark for the highest chance to fall asleep. If you are not comfortable fallen asleep in a cooler room, in the beginning, try wearing socks that will keep your feet warm and thus dilate your blood vessels faster.

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Why Are You Getting Less Sleep?

Mattress in RevereWaking up tired every day? Has your everyday life affected by the lack of sleep? If you say yes, it can be very stressful and it is time to find a solution. The first step to resolving the problem is to determine the cause of the problem. Most interrupted sleep is caused by several common problems such as drinking alcohol, pain, eating too much or using electronic devices before going to bed.

As of 2015, 64% of Americans now own a smartphone, an increase of 29% from 2011. It is reflected essentially among Millennials. In addition to that, 95% of Americans use some kind of electronic device within 1 hour of going to bed. Studies have shown that mobile phones radiate enough radiation to affect the duration of people falling asleep and if it is more than 3 hours before going to bed, it causes difficulty of reaching deep sleep.

So it is highly recommended to stop using any type of electronic devices at least 1 hour prior going to bed. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 53% of people rates their sleep as excellent while shutting off their mobile phones. In addition to that, the best way to avoid any radiation is to move your personal small electronics outside the room when you go to sleep.

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How to Choose the Best Mattress Size for You?

Purchasing a new mattress can be very simple, but it can be a dreadful process as well. Do you know what your budget is? Do you want a soft or firm mattress? These are some of the common questions people have when they purchase a mattress. However, the size of the mattress can be often overlooked and lead to buyer’s remorse.

So, here are some useful tips to help you pick the best mattress for you:

Who is Sleeping on this Mattress?

Are you the only one who is sleeping on this bed? What if you have your significant other, pets, and children? How big are they? How much space are they going to take? Also, what is your general sleeping position? Do you sleep like ball, all curled up or you love to spread out and occupy the whole bed? All of these are very important factors consider when choosing a mattress.


When you need to decide the size of the mattress, there are generally four sizes of mattresses sold: twin, full, queen, and king.

  • Twin: a 39”x75″ mattress, the smallest of them all. It is usually used for child and maybe for one adult, but it could be too small for some taller adults as it will leave their feet hanging.
  • Full: a 54”x75” mattress, offers more width than a twin and popular among single adults, a second adult could fit onto a full-size bed but limits the movement of the people sleeping on it
  • Queen: a 60”x80” mattress, it provides extra room for the second sleeper.
  • King: a 76”x80” mattress, it allows two adults to sleep comfortably in addition to adding a pet or child in the middle to snuggle up.

Other Factors to Consider

So you have selected the bed size, but there are other factors to consider before you make your final decision. You want a king size mattress, but what if it doesn’t fit in your tiny apartment that you share with 3 other people? Also, is your life going to change in the next few years? Children? Marriage? Are you moving to a new place? It is crucial to plan accordingly when you come visit our mattress store.

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Exactly How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?


With new technology, such as the smartphone or video game console pushing people to sleep later at night, people are getting less sleep than people in the past. 69% of Americans get less sleep on weekdays than they say they need. A Sleep Medicine research has shown that those that sleep less than 5 hours have a higher mortality than the ones that get at least 7 hours of sleep. We also should know that sleeping too much can cause a lot of health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and heart-related diseases.

Many experts and scientists have recommended 7-9 hours a night are beneficial to a healthy adult but no one has mentioned how many hours exactly. Several sleep studies have found that instead of eight, seven hours are the best for your health.

According to a study done by the Arizona State University Phoenix, the lowest mortality is seven hours. A separate study done by the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine confirmed the theory of getting 7 hours of sleep are the best for you. The study placed 5 healthy adults in a place where there was no electricity or clock and monitor their sleeping status for more than two months. Results have shown that the participants got an average of 1.5 hours more in their sleep time than their normal lives. 7.2 hours, is the average amount of sleep per night which match the theory of getting 7 hours of sleep are the best for you.

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How Do I Know It’s Time to Replace My Bed Frame Before It’s Too Late

Have you ever jumped into your bed, just to find the middle of your mattress sink in and not because there is anything wrong with the mattress but because your bed frame has become damaged and now it is time to replace it? Do not let this happen to you. Identify the signs of a weak bed frame so you can replace it before it breaks.

Signs It’s Time for a Replacement

If you’ve ever had a really old bed frame you can already recognize some of the very definitive signals of a problem with your bed frame. For example, having bowed slats. Ever notice the wooden slats that stay above the bed frame where your mattress sits on, those are your slats. Depending on the manufacturer of the bed frame, these slats are sometimes made of a material that is not durable enough to withstand very heavy impact.  In this case, the slats can break or bend making an indent in your bed.

Splits on Your Bed Frame ?

Be wary of any splits where your bed frame and headboard connect, this can cause your bed to collapse.  A caution you definitely want to watch out for, as you can injure yourself and whoever sleeps with you. However, there are steps you can take to ensure this does not happen for instance restoring the oils in the woods which can help it last longer. Alternatively, you will want to replace your bed frame to ensure safety, but restoring the oils in the wood will help it from not breaking down at least until you buy another one.

Does Your Bed Make Squeak Noises?

Take an opportunity to listen to the way your bed sounds when you sit or lay on it. Does your bedframe make any screeching and groan sounds? This is the most obvious of the signs that you will need to replace your bedframe and that it has exhausted its use. The reason why is because the joints on the bed frame become loose over time making a replacement a sure thing.


Revere Mattress Will Help You Find Your Replacement

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What is your Comfort Level For Your Mattress ? Soft, Medium or Firm

When deciding to buy a new mattress, there are many factors that one needs to assess to make a decision on which is the right type for you. The major one being what comfort level you prefer.

How do you decide what comfort level you are ?

In the world of mattresses, there are many comfort levels to choose from. Deciding which one, you are, involves qualifying you in terms of weight, and support you require.  There is a science to your comfort level and we help you get the satisfaction you need when it comes to laying your body to sleep.  At first thought, you may know exactly what it is that you want because it is all you have ever known. For example, you know that a firm mattress may be right for you because that is the only kind you have experienced.  But have you stopped to think about the different versions of firmness that exist?  The comfort of your mattress is not one size fits all thus the reason why you must think about the level of support you require.

A mattress specialist can assist you to decide what will work best for you.  They do this through a series of questions to decipher what makes sense for you. Many people will decide they want an orthopedic mattress not knowing it may not be the most appropriate for their weight. This is where your weight comes into play.  A person that has lesser weight can find an orthopedic bed uncomfortable and very firm while a person with more weight will experience the bed in a different matter and more pleasurable.


So which one are you?

There are some recommendations to keep in mind when affirming your level of comfort. For instance, if you are a back sleeper and prefer back support we recommend a mattress on the firmer side as it assists in keeping your spine in line.  If you are a side sleeper, a softer mattress may be the better option for you. It provides support and wadding to reach your preference.  For stomach sleepers, we recommend a medium level mattress because of the combined support and moderate padding for comfort.



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Why Is Your Mattress Choice Critical to Your Sleep

Have you ever experienced sleeping in a mattress other than your own? What kind of experience would you say it was? Whether your encounter was a pleasant one or one of the worst in your life, the mattress you choose to sleep in makes a big difference in your quality of sleep.

Why is Your Sleep Important?

Sleeping is our form of re energizing, we sleep to decompress, to relax and regenerate cells and tissues. Many workaholics may beg to differ and say that sleep is not important, but it plays a vital role in our productivity throughout the day. Not getting enough sleep can lead to issues with attention, and concentration, poor decision-making, and affect your memory. Sleep deprivation can also affect your mood in a negative way if not getting enough for your body to feel fully well rested.
The national sleep foundation recommends seven to nine hours of sleep to feel well rested. Many people tend to measure the amount of sleep they receive by counting the time they go to bed. If you lay your head at eleven but actually fell asleep an hour later, the time you fell asleep is when you should count. Other individuals tend to wake up frequently throughout the night, this occurrence usually results from issues with your mattress.

How Does Your Mattress Make a Difference?

Sleeping on a good mattress makes all the difference when you stop waking up in the middle of the night, you wake up feeling energized and your stress has decreased. The right mattress will rid you of any discomfort and back pain you may be experiencing. For people with back pain getting a medium firm mattress is helpful because it provides them the required support they need. For individuals that sleep on their side, a soft or plush mattress is recommended for support on the shoulders and hips. If you are a stomach sleeper a firmer mattress would be of preference to keep you comfortable. Your choice in mattress is a direct impact to your sleep. We all have different sleeping habits and comfort-ability levels. The mattress you choose for you should be a reflection of your comfort and benefit your needs.

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When is it time to Replace Your Mattress

We all love our mattresses and can’t stand having to separate from them. We have become so satisfied with the bed that we have known for years, that even just the thought of having to get another one sounds terrifying. It doesn’t have to be, as comfortable as it may seem, you must be aware of when it is time to trade in your humble rest bed for a new one.

Getting a new mattress means better sleep quality, a boost in your immune system, reduced allergens on your bed, and reduced stress. You regain your energy, and health by sleeping longer and more often.  

Signs that You Need a New Bed

There are many signs that may be hidden under nice comforters and sheets, making it hard for you to decide whether you need another one or not.

How Long you’ve Had it?

If your mattress is more than 5 to 7 years old, and you have developed problems sleeping, pain, or aches, this may be an indication of an old mattress that needs to be replaced. It is important to consider any new events that have occurred within the past 7 years of getting the mattress. You perhaps may have gotten married, moved, or simply have just changed your life style.  All of these changes of life can also affect your sleep quality and your stress levels. Which has a direct impact in you how comfortable you sleep. As one gets older our bodies tend to tolerate less pressure thus needing a change in the bed you sleep on.    

Sleeping Comfortably Elsewhere?

If you tend to travel and have noticed that you sleep better and more comfortably when you are  not in your own bed. Well then it is pretty clear that it is about that time to purchase another one. Making unplanned trips, or booking hotel stays often to avoid your own mattress, is a distinct indicator that you may want to retire your mattress. Your comfort levels change with time it is normal, to adjust to these changes is a perfect reason to get a new bed.  


You may have  noticed your mattress looking kinda lumpy and caved in making it noticeably obvious that the condition of your current mattress is not a good one. These mattresses look old worn out and have visible wear and tears.  If you find yourself in a similar situation you should consider  displacing  the old and opt for a new one. There is no reason why you should sleep in a bed that  looks like it can break at any moment.


At Revere Mattress we offer a myriad of options of mattresses to choose from. Our dedicated Specialist will help you find exactly what you are looking for. They will walk you through different options to find  the bed that fits you. Whether you prefer plush or firm, Spring or Foam they will prioritize to find you the  best bed to help you rest like never before.


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