Looking for a good night’s rest because your old mattress isn’t what it used to be ? We’ve come up with a list of the most comfortable mattresses that Mattress Superstore has to offer! You will feel refreshed and well rested ith the purchase of a new mattress. Remember, everyone’s comfort level is different and requires a mattress suited for their specific needs!

1. Aireloom® Hand Made Patented Lift™ Extra Firm Mattress – They’ve pioneered a natural chamber between the springs and the mattress-top that allows every element to react and adapt at its highest performance. When the chamber meets the layers of plush material, the bed completely synchronizes with your body. It can only be described as a lift. Our mattress store in Massachusetts carries these extra firm mattresses!

2. Simmons Beautyrest® Dream in Luxury™ Luxury Pillow Top Mattress – Cruise on a calm sea to a cool relaxing sleep, The Beautyrest Platinums new model has sailed and designed for comfort and cooling. Featuring InfiniCool™ Surface that helps move heat directly away from the body up to 20% better than previous models. The fiber layer enhanced with ActivPur™ antimicrobial technology helps keep your bed fresh and oder free along with regulating the temperature. Not cool enough yet? Beautyrest Gel Memory Foam provides additional temperature control while also reducing tossing and turning. The advance AirFeel Foam provides yet another layer that helps regulate sleeping temperature. This mattress provides superb pressure relief to help you get a restful night’s sleep. But wait, there’s more! Located inside the mattress is also hundreds of Beautyrests own individual wrapped coil.

3. Simmons Beautyrest Plush Double Memory Super Pillowtop Mattress – This luxury mattress has many great features. This Beautyrest Mattress includes Wrapped Coil Technology, Damask Fabric, Stretch Knit Fabric, Geltouch™ Foam, AirCool® Memory Foam, Foam Encased Edge Support System. All of these advanced features can be purchased at our mattress store in Revere, giving you the perfect night’s sleep.

4. Simmons Beautyrest® Dream in Luxury™ Luxury Firm Mattress – This mattress is packed with patented technology for a better you and a better night’s sleep. Are you someone that suffers from temperature changes in the night? This mattress helps to regulate body temperature through the night keeping you comfortable. The mattress features breakthrough technology such as : InfiniCool™ Surface with ActivPur™, Antimicrobial and Beautyrest® Gel Memory Foam, AirFeel™ Foam, Firm Comfort Foam, Comfort Foam, AirCool™ Gel Memory Foam. GelTouch Foam.

If you’re on the market for an extremely comfortable mattress, come down to our mattress store in revere and test it out for yourself. We aim to give you the highest quality service so you can get the best night’s sleep!

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