Low Profile Steel Box Spring – Made at Serta Plant



In-home setup

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The Steel box Spring made at the Serta plant is a great option for our customers who want even more support and structure than what is in our wood box springs.

Tempered steel wire rods are angled and united together to form a unique pattern to support any extra weight or stress put on.

-Triple Tempered, United, Angled, Steel Skeleton
-Power Beam
-Multi Slatted Wooded Structure
-Dusk Cover
-Tough Fitted Top Cover

10 Yrs Against Defects

Twin 39″ by 75″ by 4″
Twin XL 39″ by 80″ by 4″
Full 54″ by 75″ by 4″ Each Piece
Split Full 27″ by 75″ by 4″ Each Piece
Queen 60″ by 80″ by 4″
Split Queen 30″ by 80″ by 4″ Each Piece
King(Split) 39″ by 80″ by 4″

**Split box springs comes with 2 Pieces to make complete set. No addition box spring is need.**

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