Have you ever experienced sleeping in a mattress other than your own? What kind of experience would you say it was? Whether your encounter was a pleasant one or one of the worst in your life, the mattress you choose to sleep in makes a big difference in your quality of sleep.

Why is Your Sleep Important?

Sleeping is our form of re energizing, we sleep to decompress, to relax and regenerate cells and tissues. Many workaholics may beg to differ and say that sleep is not important, but it plays a vital role in our productivity throughout the day. Not getting enough sleep can lead to issues with attention, and concentration, poor decision-making, and affect your memory. Sleep deprivation can also affect your mood in a negative way if not getting enough for your body to feel fully well rested.
The national sleep foundation recommends seven to nine hours of sleep to feel well rested. Many people tend to measure the amount of sleep they receive by counting the time they go to bed. If you lay your head at eleven but actually fell asleep an hour later, the time you fell asleep is when you should count. Other individuals tend to wake up frequently throughout the night, this occurrence usually results from issues with your mattress.

How Does Your Mattress Make a Difference?

Sleeping on a good mattress makes all the difference when you stop waking up in the middle of the night, you wake up feeling energized and your stress has decreased. The right mattress will rid you of any discomfort and back pain you may be experiencing. For people with back pain getting a medium firm mattress is helpful because it provides them the required support they need. For individuals that sleep on their side, a soft or plush mattress is recommended for support on the shoulders and hips. If you are a stomach sleeper a firmer mattress would be of preference to keep you comfortable. Your choice in mattress is a direct impact to your sleep. We all have different sleeping habits and comfort-ability levels. The mattress you choose for you should be a reflection of your comfort and benefit your needs.

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