Roll-a-way beds (or cotts) are a flexible and inexpensive way to keep an extra bed in the house, without taking up the full footprint of a regular bed. This is an ideal solution if you regularly have visitors– perhaps you rent a room out via AirBnB, or host students on their initial visit to their new schools, or just have friends over on a regular basis. You can comfortably host your company, give them a bed instead of a couch, and not lose half a room when no one is there.

We offer a selection of affordable cotts, available in different sizes and mat thicknesses. Cotts range between 30” to 48” wide, and 48” to 75” long. Folded, the cotts become significantly smaller: a mere 14” long. Safe to say they’ll stash in a corner, instead of half a room. Matts are available in 4” and 6” thickness. This strikes a great balance between sleeping comfort and small size.

The compact size translates to low prices, which you can see on our cotts product page. Feel free to call us at (781) 286-9990 with any questions, or come by the superstore and see everything with your own eyes.

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Adjustable Base | 3.0

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HD Metal Bed Frame

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