Purchasing a new mattress can be very simple, but it can be a dreadful process as well. Do you know what your budget is? Do you want a soft or firm mattress? These are some of the common questions people have when they purchase a mattress. However, the size of the mattress can be often overlooked and lead to buyer’s remorse.

So, here are some useful tips to help you pick the best mattress for you:

Who is Sleeping on this Mattress?

Are you the only one who is sleeping on this bed? What if you have your significant other, pets, and children? How big are they? How much space are they going to take? Also, what is your general sleeping position? Do you sleep like ball, all curled up or you love to spread out and occupy the whole bed? All of these are very important factors consider when choosing a mattress.


When you need to decide the size of the mattress, there are generally four sizes of mattresses sold: twin, full, queen, and king.

  • Twin: a 39”x75″ mattress, the smallest of them all. It is usually used for child and maybe for one adult, but it could be too small for some taller adults as it will leave their feet hanging.
  • Full: a 54”x75” mattress, offers more width than a twin and popular among single adults, a second adult could fit onto a full-size bed but limits the movement of the people sleeping on it
  • Queen: a 60”x80” mattress, it provides extra room for the second sleeper.
  • King: a 76”x80” mattress, it allows two adults to sleep comfortably in addition to adding a pet or child in the middle to snuggle up.

Other Factors to Consider

So you have selected the bed size, but there are other factors to consider before you make your final decision. You want a king size mattress, but what if it doesn’t fit in your tiny apartment that you share with 3 other people? Also, is your life going to change in the next few years? Children? Marriage? Are you moving to a new place? It is crucial to plan accordingly when you come visit our mattress store.

Contact Mattress Superstore today to find out what kind of mattresses is the right one for you. We are located in Revere, MA serving residents of Saugus, Revere, Lynn, Chelsea, Malden and more. Our prize is so low because unlike traditional mattress stores, Mattress Superstore use its showroom as its warehouse, eliminating warehouse costs that gets added to the price of the mattresses. Call us today at 781-286-9990 to learn more.

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