A good night’s sleep is important for anyone’s health and should be a priority. Your mattress needs to feel comfortable to you and could be the problem if you’re waking up feeling unrested. Luckily, there are a number of mattress options to choose from at Mattress SuperStore so you can find the perfect mattress.

It’s important to know what works best for your sleep needs before choosing a new mattress. Here is a list of important features that should be considered before buying a new mattress.

Spring vs. Memory Foam Mattresses

Spring mattresses support your body through coils topped with padding. Many people have slept on a spring mattress before and wouldn’t have it any other way. The space between the mattress coils allows for better ventilation than other types of mattresses. Most importantly, spring mattresses are the least expensive type of mattress so it is the best option for those with a budget.

MemoryFoam mattresses support you with several layers of foam that is shaped to conform to the sleeper’s body for maximum comfort. MemoryFoam can support pressure points and help those with back issues because of reduced motion transfer. A MemoryFoam mattress without any springs in it usually lasts longer than a spring mattress because the foam layers don’t lose their padding as quickly. A warranty that can be up to 20 years for some brands and the level of comfort foam layers provide make MemoryFoam a popular choice.

Firm vs. Soft

Firm and soft mattresses each have a different feel and the choice is often made based on personal preference but there are a few pros and cons that could help make your decision easier. Firm mattresses have less give and allow for less stress on your muscles and better circulation. Firm mattresses will keep your body in a straighter position and allow for better breathing. Soft mattresses are recommended for those experiencing back-pain and lighter individuals who may have trouble getting a firm mattress to compress at all. Those who sleep on their side will also find that a soft mattress keeps their spine aligned better than a firm mattress.

With so many different mattress options to choose from it can be tough to be sure you’re making the right decision when buying a new mattress. Mattress SuperStore has a variety of the latest mattresses at low prices that you can get a feel for before making the big decision. Stop by today to find the perfect mattress for you.

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