Getting good sleep is one of the most important parts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Making sure the environment you sleep in is a place you can get a good night’s rest is the best way to set yourself up for success. Everyone is different and prefers different sleeping conditions so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach but you can use the following items to focus on how you can create your ideal sleeping environment.

Quiet and Dark Setting

A room that isn’t quiet or dark can be very difficult to stay asleep in because of constant interruptions. Sleeping in a room that is further away from loud noises and other interruptions will help you stay asleep for a full night which is an important part of maximizing rest time.

Turn Devices to Sleep Mode

Getting texts or emails that are sent to our smartphones is another way many people are kept from getting a good night’s rest. Enabling sleep or airplane mode on any devices you have is a good way to make sure you won’t be pestered by notifications while you’re asleep.

Keep TV Out of the Bedroom

Watching TV while in bed has been proven to keep individuals from getting to sleep once they’re in bed because of the light and other distractions a TV provides. Keeping the TV out of your bedroom is the best way to eliminate this distraction. Your bedroom should be a place where you can rest, TVs can stay in other rooms of your house.

Follow a Regular Sleep Schedule

Following a routine that gets you to bed around the same time each and everyday is important to developing good sleep habits. It can be difficult to stick to a schedule at first if you’re used to going to sleep whenever it’s convenient but a routine can help you get the most out of your sleep and improve energy level. Reading right before bed is often a good way to get used to following a sleep routine.

Get a Comfortable Mattress

Many people are sleeping on mattresses that are not as comfortable as they could be due to age or outdated technology. Mattress Superstore has the latest mattresses available from Simmons, Serta, Aireloom, and other top manufacturers. MemoryFoam and other features have improved mattresses significantly over the past few years. Many people don’t realize that they’re missing out on a much more comfortable sleeping environment until they’ve tried one of our mattresses.

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