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Nine Interesting Facts About Dreaming

While you sleep your brain goes into it’s most creative and imaginary state, with no distractions from the outside world it’s just you and your thoughts. Dreaming comes with some amazing facts. Here are a few of our favorites, and remember if you’d like to dream more and get a better nights sleep you can always purchase a mattress from Mattress Superstore!

  1. 12% of people actually dream in black and white. A study published in 2008 shows that people who were exposed to black and white television early in life typically only tend to dream in black and white. After the age of 55 some will stop dreaming in color and start dreaming in black and white. Thought most people dream in vivid colors some do not.
  2. The average person spends six whole years of their life dreaming, which means you should always be sleeping on a luxury mattress for the ultimate comfort while you sleep! Six entire years of your life are vivid dreams and creativity. That’s a lot of time for amazing ideas.
  3. Those extremely vivid dreams that you have are usually in a state of REM sleep, during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) your body is actually paralyzed. Most people go through periods of REM sleep throughout the night. During this time your breathing and heart rate are also elevated, during REM sleep your brain is almost as active as when you are awake. REM sleep is an extremely crucial part to getting a good night’s sleep and improves memory as well as overall health. If you’re not getting enough REM sleep you may want to consider buying a new mattress!
  4. When you dream of faces and people in your dreams you’ve actually seen them in real life! You can not make up new faces in your dreams. That stranger you saw walking on the street could be playing a role as a superhero in your dreams!
  5. Blind people can still see images in their dreams, though blind people can not see with their eyes they can still see with their minds and will often have dreams as vivid as those who are not blind.
  6. On an average night you can have four to seven dreams! That’s a lot! Although you may not remember all of them dreaming a lot usually means you’re getting a good amount of REM sleep which is crucial to staying healthy. If you want to dream more Mattress Superstore has the luxury mattress you’re looking for!
  7. If you are snoring, then you are not able to dream. Sometimes, the best solution for snoring is to get a new mattress! When you’re snoring your body will not allow you to enter a dream state. No one is sure why.
  8. Dreams are easily forgotten, often times people forget 90% of their dreams.
  9. Dreams are key to creativity. Did you know that the idea for Google was actually brought up because it was dreamt? Lots of great inventions, ideas, and solutions come from dreams.

Dreaming is one of the coolest parts of the human brain, what a better way to treat yourself than to a new mattress that you can dream peacefully on! A restful night’s sleep is the best way to spend the maximum amount of time in bed dreaming. Mattress Superstore has a wide variety of mattresses available so you can find the perfect mattress for you.

Mattress Pad vs Mattress Protector Which is right for you ?

             Mattress Pad vs Mattress Protector

There are many reasons you would want to consider getting a mattress pad, or protector. The reason being is there can be many benefits that apply to both. The main purpose many people get mattress pads and a mattress protector is for extra plush  and to reserve your mattress. This is usually because you don’t like the conditions to your current mattress situation. The mattress pad and protector can also protect against water wear and tear of the occasional old mattress. So let’s look at how they are different.

Mattress Protector

So what exactly does a mattress protector do? In simplest form it essentially protects your mattress but in what way. Well using a mattress protector allows your mattress from becoming damaged this can be a cause of liquids or tears makeup, or anything that can cause permanent damage or cause it to become harder to clean. For a new mattress a protector will allow it to stay newer longer. You would like for your mattress to stay the same condition in which you bought it in. It makes it more appealing further down the road if you decide to give away the mattress or transfer owners to a relative. The most alluring benefit for mattress buyers is that it protects against allergens and dust mites that can hide in the fabric. With regular washing you will be able to avoid any microbes that could potentially get on your mattress.

Mattress Pad

Benefits of a mattress pad are slightly different, and geared more towards comfort than anything else.The mattress pad allows an extra layer of cushioning from the mattress. Once the mattress you currently have starts to wear, you can opt to use a mattress pad to provide extra support, and cushioning for your back and body. The mattress can also be good for better sleep quality, as well as it allows for less moving while you sleep. With many different options to choose from a mattress pad can be a great choice for a comfier place to sleep.

What is right for you

While the mattress protector serves the purpose of protecting and maintaining quality of your mattress. The mattress pad serves more of a luxury purpose allowing you a better place to sleep and improving quality of sleep. So really it is up to you what you desire most.  Both have benefits that you the user will enjoy and will take with you to make your bed a better place to sleep.


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