5 Tips to Avoid Recliner Tip Over

Even though the iconic La-Z-Boy is among the most well-known brands on the market for recliners, there are still some things that can go wrong with the product. This is true for other recliner manufacturers as well.

Has your recliner become a problem for you? Have you tipped over or perhaps you are scared it will tip and you want a quick fix? 

In this article, we'll go over the things you can do to prevent you from tipping over and ensure your ultimate comfort and relaxation while using your recliner in Revere, MA.

These tips will ensure ease of use and your safety while using a recliner:

Lock It in Place

Make sure that the feet of your new recliner are placed on a level and stable surface before using it for the first time. If it has casters, you should also ensure that they are locked into place.

Adjust According to Your Preference

Before you are able to determine whether or not your chair poses a risk of falling over, it may take a few uses before you become accustomed to the way it moves. 

After a while, you'll be able to determine how much pressure is being exerted on every foot or wheel of your recliner whenever it moves regardless of the direction. You can then make the necessary adjustments.

Get a Wall Protector

If the feet of your recliner are always placed on a rough or uneven surface, you may want to consider purchasing a wall protector which can preserve the back of the chair. This can also help prevent the chair from toppling over backward.

You will not only be able to prevent this nuisance, but you could also utilize your wall protector for several other purposes, including holding up a monitor and organizing your wires.

Add Non-Slip Material on the Base of the Recliner

Put some kind of non-slip material at the bottom of the recliner if you want a quick solution to the problem of that chair tipping back all the time. Rubber strips, a yoga mat, a thick towel, or another type of material could also be used instead.

You might also want to investigate the possibility of purchasing some furniture pads to place below the recliner. These pads will assist in reducing the amount that the chair tips.

Have It Checked by Professionals

If the chair is always leaning in the same direction and you are unable to correct the problem on your own, you may need to take it back to where you bought it.

How to Adjust Your Recliner

Is your recliner becoming uncomfortable for you to use? The majority of the time, an uncomfortable reclining chair may be made more bearable by making a couple of alterations. 

Adjusting the amount of force needed to recline your chair can help you get the most comfortable position possible. 

Personalizing your chair so that you have the most comfortable sitting experience can also be done by changing the position of your chair when it's upright.

Test the Tension

Take a seat in the recliner then tilt your back so that you are leaning against the backrest. Reduce the recliner's tension if you find that leaning back is difficult because this indicates that it needs to be adjusted. You may need to adjust the recliner tension if the chair reclines too far back, or if it reclines too easily.

Tilt Forward

After ensuring that the back of the recliner is in the upright position with the footrest closed, tilt the recliner forward then look for the adjustment mechanism. If there’s none, you’d have to call the store where you bought the recliner from.

Rotate the Mechanism

If you've found the adjustment mechanism, you can increase the chair's reclining tension. Simply rotate the thumb wheels in a clockwise direction. Reduce the stress by turning them counterclockwise.

Test the Adjustment

Bring the chair back to its original, upright position. Check the recliner's tension by sitting in the chair. Extend the leg rest and then lean back in the recliner while checking the tension. Continue making any necessary adjustments to the tension of the recliner.

Check Out Mattress Superstore for Your New Recliner in Revere, MA

It's possible that some individuals are able to fix their recliners on their own, but for the vast majority, this chore is simply insurmountable. This is why it is important to reduce the likelihood of recliners tipping over as much as possible. 

Before you take home a new recliner in Revere, MA, the experts here at Mattress Superstore can ensure that it is the perfect fit for you by adjusting the tension springs and providing you with all the information you need for your safety. 

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