So you finally decided to get a memory foam mattress, how do you decide what is the best kind for you?
Buying a mattress is a very important decision in a person’s life. You are probably thinking, it’s just a mattress what is the big deal? Well, did you know that an essential part of living a healthy life, is dependent on a good night’s sleep. Disruption of sleep, staying asleep, or insufficient sleep, is a major concern for Americans today. Part of the reason is based on the place you rest your head every night to go to sleep, your mattress. All your life you have been sleeping on spring and coils, and have decided it is time for a change. Statistics show that Americans show an 80% increase in sleep satisfaction, after switching to a memory foam mattress. You have finally decided on a memory foam mattress; you heard it will help, but how to choose. There are so many different kinds, and options that help serve different purposes. It is hard to choose which one would be right for you. Don’t worry we are here to help.
Most people decide to buy a memory foam mattress for reasons of comfort, durability, satisfaction and value. For memory foam mattresses, there are a few options you can choose from, depending on what you are seeking for comfort.

The most popular the Traditional Memory Foam Mattress, designed to cradle your body while you sleep. Reason being, it helps increase blood circulation, and reduce the amount of stress you get on various joints across the body. A major feature to consider when deciding on the Traditional Memory Foam is motion isolation.
Have you ever had to sleep with someone with terrible sleeping habits of tossing, and turning, waking you up from your slumber. Well, this attribute of the Traditional Memory Foam mattress is one we think you actually might like. With motion isolation, your sleep is not disrupted by the other person’s constant moving, as it separates the motion from both sides. The thicker the Memory Foam Mattress the better motion isolation you will have.
Another option you might want to consider, and one that manufactures have addressed, because of complaints that memory foam produces a lot of heat is Air Cool Memory foam. When memory foam mattresses first came into the market, the way they were designed was to react to your own body temperature. With air cool memory foam the way it works is by responding to your body temperature quicker, then transferring the warmth out evenly so it won’t produce so much heat.

The Gel Memory Foam Mattress is also a popular option, for those of us that suffer from aches and pains from bad posture during the day, or while we sleep. The Gel Memory Foam is made out of the same gel and technology used in sports equipment, and shoe soles. The best benefit of this kind of Foam Mattress is the support that it provides, as well as its durability.
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